Armed Forces Bowl

Registration is now open for the Youth All American Armed Forces Bowl. 

  • There are 4 teams on each grade level (Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force).
  • There are only 44 spots available per team (2 spots at each position).
  • There is a FAQ below to answer basic questions about the Armed Forces Bowl.
  • Click on the Link below to begin registration:


What is the cost for registration?
The cost for athletes to participate in the Armed Forces Bowl is $295.

What all does registration cover?
Athletes will receive team uniform (jersey & pants), armed forces bowl shirt, shorts, Armed Forces Ring, Armed Forces Bowl Championship Ring (for champions), media coverage through Certified Sports Network, Certified Sports Magazine (and various other media outlets).

How do I know which team my child will play on?
Athletes will play on the team that they registered to play for.

Is my child guaranteed playing time?
Absolutely! Being that we will only be selecting 2 kids per position on each team, everyone will get their fair share of playing time.

What position will my child play?
During the registration process, you will select your child’s position. Athletes will only play one position. No one will play on both sides of the ball unless their is an injury or a missing athlete.

How long does the event last?
The Armed Forces Bowl is a 4 day event. Athletes will gather on the June 30th for equipment distribution and team meetings. On July 1st the athletes will have scheduled practices. First grade through fourth grade will play games on July 2nd. Fifth grade through Eighth grade will play their games on July 3rd.

Where will the events, practice, banquet, and games be held at?
The event will take place in the Houston area. Locations and venues will be announced soon.

What is the refund policy for the Armed Forces Bowl?
We will only offer a refund during the first 48 hours of registration due to limited spots. If your child is unable to attend you will still receive your gear, uniforms and miscellaneous items. Since the inception of this event, we have exercised a 48 hour refund policy. This policy is set in place for many reasons. There is great cost and many moving pieces associated with putting on an event of this scale such as the advanced purchase of awards, uniforms, helmets, etc. These items have to be purchased months in advance to ensure a timely delivery. Also, when an athlete registers, his/her position is subtracted from the position inventory and removed.